Rest Reimagined

Ultra Soft. Cooling. Luxury Bamboo.

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Rest Reimagined

Ultra Soft. Cooling. Luxury Bamboo.

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Rest Reimagined

Ultra Soft. Cooling. Luxury Bamboo.

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Rest Reimagined

Ultra Soft. Cooling. Luxury Bamboo.

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Rest Reimagined

Ultra Soft. Cooling. Luxury Bamboo.

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Rest Reimagined

Ultra Soft. Cooling. Luxury Bamboo.

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Sleep should be enjoyed, not endured.

Traditional sheets often compromise either comfort or "eco friendliness"—Bella Coterie does neither.

Our hypoallergenic bamboo sheets are ideal for hot sleepers and redefine luxury sleep by combining cooling technology, supreme comfort, and sustainable practices.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100

With the STANDARD 100 label on your bedding, you can rest easy knowing that every component has been thoroughly tested for harmful substances. This means that you and your loved ones can enjoy your new purchase without any worries about toxins or nasties. By choosing bedding with this label, you are making a healthy and safe choice for your home and your family.


No PFAS Materials

No Lead or Chromium

No Phthalates

No Chlorine Bleach

No AZO Dyes

No Solvents

No Adhesives

No Synthetic Dyes

No Synthetic Fibers

No Parabens

No Formaldehyde

No Benzen

Why Bamboo Sheets?

These super-soft sheets are designed to naturally regulate temperature by wicking sweat away, keeping you cool and comfortable as you sleep. Bamboo viscose is very light and airy, providing a cooler sleep experience than many microfiber, silk, or combed cotton alternatives. Certified to be free of the harmful chemicals found in many sheets, this luxury bedding promotes a deep, natural, and healthy sleep. The high-end construction and details deliver a perfect, lasting fit and feel. These sheets are also hypoallergenic, making them a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin.


No more tossing and turning

Ultra Soft

The pinnacle of softness

3x Less Laundry

Save time with sheets that stay fresh

Moisture Wicking

Keep dry, no matter what


Wake up sneeze-free


Bamboo is the champion of sustainable fabrics


Unmatched Price, Uncompromised Luxury

  1. Double Stitching
  2. 400 Thread Count
  3. Envelope Pillowcase
  4. Head Tag
  5. Elastic Secure Straps
  6. 18” Extra Deep Pocket

What Customers Say

Over 2,200 5 Star Reviews on Amazon

AMAZING!!! Just follow proper washing instructions for the material.

My boyfriend always runs hot and it makes me hot at night and we both end up being uncomfortable. These sheets keep us both cool and we’re sleeping so much better! I want to be in my bed 24/7 now. The nonslip bands on the fitted sheet are a great addition especially when you consider the price of the sheets.

Color: Champagne, Size King, Verified Purchase

Jane C.

Better than sheets three times their cost!

I just bought a set of sheets by a recommendation from a friend for $400 and decided to buy this set as a back up. I like this set much better than the expensive set of sheets. The expensive set has become the backup! I use my BC sheets week in and week out. They're soft, not too light, and they fit my bed perfectly. I've researched quite a number of sheet sets and know that moving forwardI won't go anywhere else. Very happy!

Color: White, Size: Queen, Verified Purchase

Ashley P.


 Finally, I found sheets that work for me. I feel like you spend so much money trying to find new sheets. These work great for me. They’re very cooling! Also, they are slick without being satin/silk slick. So they’re easier to move around in if you have mobility issues. I’m very pleased with these sheets and will be buying again in the future. My only complaint would be the price. Also do not use scent beads in the wash with them it will leave oil stains. Learned that the hard way unfortunately. Besides my oil stains now these sheets are perfect.

Color: White, Size Queen, Verified Purchase


I rarely leave reviews but for this one I HAD to

These sheets are the best sheets I have ever used. I have gone through LITERALLY about 12 sets of sheets in the last few years and each one was worse than the other UNTILLLLL... I bought these. They are so comfortable, chic, cooling and they just look amazing. HIGHLY recommend buying this. I may get like 3 more just to replace EVERYONE'S sheets in my house!!!!

Color: Grey Mist Size, Size King, Verified Purchase


Sleeping Cooler

Being a woman of a certain age, being hot at night is a real struggle.
These sheets do seem to help keep me cooler, which does help me wake up less.

Color: Coastal Blue Size, Size: King, Verified Purchase


Worth the money

Absolute best sheets I've ever slept on...we've had them for over a year and I still comment on how smooth and comfortable these are to sleep in.

Color: White, Size: Queen, Verified Purchase


The Best Sheets You'll Ever Own

The quality is amazing, the comfort says ahhhhhh after a long day and the attention to detail is hands down the best. I’ve purchased a lot of sheets and these by far are the most comfortable!

Color: Champagne, Size: Queen, Verified Purchase